IWWF – 4 STAR – Cold Water Classic


Local Contat

For specific info you can always contact Lakeside Paradise by phone +3250 60 60 35 or email  dries@lakesideparadise.be

Training moments

Official training on Friday April 3rd, 2020

More training moments will be organized depending on the number of riders. 

entry fee

75€ per rider and category. Entry fee for second discipline is 50€.

The entry fee must be paid one day prior to the competition at the latest, otherwise the participant has to pay an additional delay fee of 30€.


The cheapest way to get to our cable park is through public transportation, more specific, with FLIXBUS. You arrive in Bruges (Brugge). From Bruges you take the train to Knokke (final stop). This ride takes about 25min and Lakeside Paradise is situated at 10min walking distance from the train station. If there is no stop in Bruges you take the Flixbus to Ghent and then the train to Knokke, which will take about 45min.


By car:

  • From Paris (airport), 3h drive
  • From Lyon (train station), 7h30 drive
  • From Marseille (train station) 10h30 drive

By train (two options):

  • Take the train to Lille and from Lille it is a one hour drive to Lakeside Paradise by car. Paris to Lille 1h / Lyon to Lille 3h / Marseille to Lille 4h30
  • Take the train from your nearest train station to Knokke (Belgium). Lakeside Paradise is at 10min walking distance from the station.

From France it is almost always trough Lille. From Lille you take the train to Brussels and from Brussels to Knokke. (Lille to Knokke max. 3h)

By plain:

You can fly with easyjet to Lille-Lesquin. When arrived in Lille you can take the car or the train. (more info above)

From all around europa by plain

The closest airport is Ostend (Oostende), but unfortunately this is often not the cheapest option.

There are more flights to Brussels Airport, if you book well in advance this will be in your favor.  In Brussels take the train to Knokke. In Knokke it is just a 10 minute walk to Lakeside Paradise. 

united kingdom

By car:

  • From London 4h30 drive
  • From Liverpool 7h drive

By train (take the Eurostar to Brussels):

  • From London 4h
  • From Liverpool 7h30

The Netherlands

By car:

  • From Amsterdam, Schiphol (airport), 2h30 – 3h drive
  • From Eindhoven (airport), 2h – 2h30 drive


By car:

  • From Berlin 8h30 drive
  • From München 9h drive
  • From Cologne 3h30 drive

By train:

  • From Cologne 4h30
  • From Berlin 9h30
  • From München 9h


Lakeside Hostel

Possibility to sleep at site, 4p, 8p of 12 p sleeping rooms
25 euro / night 
More info


Camping site 10 minutes walking distance from the cable park
More info

Hotel bouwdewijn

Hotel 15 minutes walking distance from the cable park 
More info

Ibis budget hotel

A budget hotel 15 minutes by bike from the cable park 
More info