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For questions you can always contact Lakeside Paradise


By phone: +3250 60 60 35 

or by e-mail:

NEW Competition

New year, new competition. 

Lakeside Paradise is the place to be at 

30 & 31 March 2024

entry fee

Riders pay €90 for the first discipline.

 For a second discipline, you pay €50 extra.

IBAN: BE13 0016 6520 2939; SWIFT/BIC: GEBABEBB
Communication: CWC, name rider, nationality.

€ 5,000 equal prize money

Categories during the competition

During the Cold Water Classic, the following categories will continue. For a category to continue, a full stage must be able to be filled. 

  • Open Men Wakeboard
  • Open Ladies Wakeboard
  • Masters Men Wakeboard
  • Junior Men Wakeboard
  • Junior Ladies Wakeboard
  • Open Men Wakeskate
  • Junior Men Wakeskate

The following categories will not take place due to lack of interest. This decision was taken in consultation with IWWF the international federation.

  • Open Ladies Wakeskate
  • Seated Wakeboard
  • Master Ladies Wakeboard
  • Junior Ladies Wakeskate

Early Bird action

Pay for your participation by 12/03/2023 and get the Early Bird Action. Early birds get 12 hours of free training. So if you want to come and train before the start of the race, you will not have to pay anything extra. 

IBAN: BE13 0016 6520 2939; SWIFT/BIC: GEBABEBB
Communication: CWC, name rider, nationality.

Please send a photo or screenshot of the payment to
This way we can confirm your Early Bird Action.

Choose the right size of competition t-shirt

Competition info

  • IWWF 4-Star International Competition
  • Part of CWWC World Ranking awarded 600 pts
  • Free ride format, Qualification, LCQ, Semi Finals, Finals
  • 2 runs / heat
  • Double start only in two different disciplines 


In order to get a fair competition we have an international judging team.

At the end of each run the judges will give you a score out of 100.
At the end of the heat your best score, best run, will be used for the ranking.   

Important for a good run

It's a free ride competition this means the judges want to see obstacles (60%) and air tricks (40%).

In order to present a good run it's important you have a lot of variation. Also make sure you have a clean trick, well grabbed, not zeached, clean.


The cheapest way to get to our cable park is through public transportation, more specifically, with FLIXBUS. You arrive in Bruges (Brugge). From Bruges you take the train to Knokke (final stop). This ride takes about 25min and Lakeside Paradise is situated at 10min walking distance from the train station. If there is no stop in Bruges you take the Flixbus to Ghent and then the train to Knokke, which will take about 45min.


By car:

  • From Paris (airport), 3h drive
  • From Lyon (train station), 7h30 drive
  • From Marseille (train station) 10h30 drive

By train (two options):

  • Take the train to Lille and from Lille it is a one hour drive to Lakeside Paradise by car. Paris to Lille 1h / Lyon to Lille 3h / Marseille to Lille 4h30
  • Take the train from your nearest train station to Knokke (Belgium). Lakeside Paradise is at 10min walking distance from the station.

From France it is almost always through Lille. From Lille you take the train to Brussels and from Brussels to Knokke. (Lille to Knokke max. 3h)

By plain:

You can fly with easyjet to Lille-Lesquin. When arrived in Lille you can take the car or the train. (more info above)

From all around europe by plain

The closest airport is Ostend, but unfortunately this is often not the cheapest option.

There are more flights to Brussels Airport, if you book well in advance this will be in your favour.  In Brussels Take the train to Knokke. In Knokke it is just a 10 minute walk to Lakeside Paradise. 


By car:

  • From London 4h30 drive
  • From Liverpool 7h drive

By train (take the Eurostar to Brussels):

  • From London 4h
  • From Liverpool 7h30

The Netherlands

By car:

  • From Amsterdam, Schiphol (airport), 2h30 - 3h drive
  • From Eindhoven (airport), 2h - 2h30 drive


By car:

  • From Berlin 8h30 drive
  • From Munich 9h drive
  • From Cologne 3h30 drive

By train:

  • From Cologne 4h30
  • From Berlin 9h30
  • From Munich 9h


Lakeside Hostel

Possibility to sleep at the site
4, 8 or 12 p sleeping rooms
25 euro / night 
More info


Camping site
10 minutes walking distance
More info

Hotel Dewijn

15 minutes walking distance
More info

Ibis budget hotel

A budget hotel
15 minutes by bike
More info