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Lakeside Paradise is easily accessible for everyone, located Duinenwater 41 at the entrance of Knokke-Heist.

  • On foot or by bike: 1 km from the beach, 1 km walk from the center (Lippenslaan Maurice Lippensplein)
  • Public transport: Bus stop at 20m, Knokke tram and train end station at 500 m
  • Own transport: enter Knokke via E40 / A11 and turn left at the roundabout when entering Duinenwater. The second option is to enter Heist via the coastal road. Then there are direction indicators to the right just before you enter Duinbergen, then to the left on the Knokkestraat. 2 km further you arrive at the point where you turn right on Duinenwater. In both cases you drive into the parking lot of the swimming pool, and you can park around the corner to the left for Lakeside Paradise.
  • Enjoy a favorable parking rate by validating your parking ticket at the reception, after which you can pay at one of the two payment machines when you leave. Guests of the Sport Hostel receive their own parking ticket.