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Champions tribute at Lakeside Paradise

Two World Champions, 1 second place, 1 third place and the youngest competitor in the pack to narrowly miss the finals at the World Cablewakeboarding Championships in London. More than enough reason to raise a glass with the entire team, parents and coaches to these quite exceptional achievements. According to Frank Vanleenhove the result ... Read more

ProShop webshop now online!

We are pleased to present you our new ProShop web shop which is now online at the following address: This way, you can easily order your favourite wetsuit / wakeboard and accessories from home. Be sure to subscribe to our webshop and stay informed of our current actions. You will receive ... Read more

Plastic Soup Surfer once again a guest on Surfers Paradise

Merijn Tinga (51) from Leiden Netherlands, is a guest at Surfers Paradise again, and not without reason.In 2014, he set sail there with a windsurfboard made from nothing but plastic waste. His trip across the sea then took him as far as Ameland,one of the Wadden Islands that our northern neighbours are rich in.Now he's setting all the sails, so to speak, on ... Read more

Nothing is Impossible - nothing is impossible

From now on, everyone can admire a work byDavid DeBusseré on Lakeside Paradise's terrace. Not just any artwork, but a 650kg heavy bronze sculpture of a harnessed knight seemingly ready to take off with a surfboard under his arms... This knight seemingly cannot surf because of his bulky armour. The idea alone ... Read more

Member number 10,000 at Surfers and Lakeside Paradise !

Surfers and Lakeside Paradise welcome member number 10,000 ! This weekend, Elias Verschaffelt (16) from Antwerp was given member number 10,000 by Surfers and Lakeside Paradise. Surfers Paradise started in 1988 with 160 members and grew steadily to over 1,000 members. From the start of Lakeside Paradise in 2012, many more joined ... Read more

Chocolate time at Lakeside Paradise

Like every year, it was cocolite time at Lakeside Paradise this week. That means that 30 tonnes of cocolite chalk was neatly spread over the entire surface of the Duinenwater lake, in order to combat algae growth later. In recent years, more and more expanses of water in Flanders have been plagued by algae, leading to bans on water sports, pernicious ... Read more

Belgian wakeboarders confirm at first World Cup Manche of the year

Freezing winds on the official training day on Friday, pouring rain on the first day of competition on Saturday, but almost windless and sunny on Sunday. Both the 85 participants from 12 countries and the few hundred supporters will have known it. A water temperature of around 8 degrees Celsius and a wind chill that was even lower ... Read more

World top Wakeboarding comes to Knokke-Heist !

World top Wakeboarding is coming to Knokke-Heist ! On Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 April, Lakeside Paradise is organising the second edition of the Cold Water Classic in collaboration with the municipality of Knokke-Heist. Partners are Red Bull and O'Neill.Immediately the start of the new watersports season, not only here with us but also of the international competition circuit.This is a 4-star ... Read more

Surfers Paradise programme 2023

As the days grow longer and the new season draws nearer, all preparations at Surfers Paradise are ready to start the summer full of enthusiasm.All members recently received the 2023 programme in the mail along with a unique photo calendar, and judging by the bookings for water sports camps, it will be another summer to ... Read more