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Waterskiing, wakeboarding and wakeskating at the cableway

Pro cable


The Pro Cable was the very first cable car at Lakeside Paradise. 


We have renamed it the "Pro Cable" due to the large variety of obstacles and the speed at which the cable car turns.

Unlike the Rookie Cable, this full-size cable car turns to the left.

Rookie cable

We have named the new cable car "Rookie Cable". 

This cable car, unlike the Pro Cable, turns to the right and is set at a slower speed every day.

There are only beginners' obstacles here.

Small cable 2.0

This cable car is perfect for a first introduction to this fantastic water sport.

The cable car operator operates the cable car manually, gradually increasing its speed.

The ideal cable way to quickly learn how to start.


The wakeboarder or water skier makes a 'dry' start from the starting platform, which is perpendicular to the bypass cable. Once on the water you can make several rounds. When you fall into the water, you swim to the shore, walk back and start again.

The engine is located at the starter house. This ensures that the cable can rotate at a speed of 0 to 50 km / hr.

There is a "carrier" every 90 meters. This is an attachment in the two bypass cables with a grab that can take a ski line. There are eight ski lines and thus 8 riders can be pulled on the water at the same time to go waterski, wakeboard, kneeboard, wakeskate and skurf.


Our capacity of 25 participants per hour ensures that we can keep prices low, especially compared to waterskiing and wakeboarding behind a boat where petrol consumption is very high. Our cable works completely on green electricity and is therefore not harmful for the environment.


Waterskiing or wakeboarding is for all ages and easy to learn. For a very first session it is interesting for young and old to start with our 2.0. This smaller cable offers one-on-one guidance. This ensures that the first introduction goes very smoothly. Afterwards a reservation can be made on one of the full-size cables. Wakeboarding is comparable to snowboarding and gives more dynamics on the water.


The system meets all safety requirements and is inspected annually. All our certified instructors have received specific training in guiding all water sports enthusiasts on and around the water. In addition, the instructors follow an annual course in rescue techniques and first aid. To ensure that everyone can be served perfectly, the staff at the cable park speak three languages: Dutch, French, English.


Waterskiing and wakeboarding on the cable are popular watersports that appeals to both young and old. A tow lift is used instead of a boat. This consists of five pillars that are erected around and above the lake. Each support pillar has a wheel arch with two tensioned steel cables all around it. At Lakeside Paradise, the length of the cable park is 720 meters, which makes us one of the longest cable parks in Europe.


A waterski cableway is not harmful to the environment, not in terms of energy consumption or noise. It is powered by a frequency-controlled 45 kW electric motor which consumes an avg. 25 kW / hour of green energy. Measurements by ALTA Cableski BV show that the cable park has a noise level of less than 50 decibels at a distance of 30 meters.



No, it is similar, but certainly not the same. On a wakeboard, you stand straight on your board, while when kitesurfing you often hang backwards or sit in a trapeze or harness. You do not use fins on a cable park, so that the obstacles can be taken safely.

However, wakeboarding at the cable is good practice. You can create a lot of board feeling in a short time, and thus start the next kitesurfing session with more experience. Kitesurfing lessons can always be booked at beach club our Surfers Paradise!