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Numerous events take place at Lakeside Paradise throughout the season. These “Classic Events” have become fix date on the calendar. Discover everything about our events below. You can check the calendar for the exact dates.

King & queen of the lake

Every year, to close the season, we hold our club championship "King & Queen of The Lake" at Lakeside Paradise.

All members are always welcome to participate in this competition. It is a day when all our members can show their best. The level gets higher and higher every year.

women sessions

All ladies and girls are invited to enjoy wakeboarding together. Everything is explained from scratch and there is enough time for instructions and guidance! Our small cable is also available for individual guidance.

All information and registrations via our reception

kids sessions

Nothing is more important than our up-and-coming youth! That is why we always organise Kids Sessions on Sunday mornings for all the "youngsters" who want to give it a try but do not yet know whether they are ready. All additional guidance and explanation is provided.
The children's sessions will always take place on the Rookie and small cable. It is compulsory to be present as a parent for children under 10.

All information and registrations via our reception. Kids between 7-12yrs can register.

dadDy is cool

On Father's Day, we turn the kids session into a “father-kids” moment. Kids are only allowed on the water together with their dad to go wakeboarding or kneeboarding together. There is no better way to have fun.

All information and registrations through our reception desk.

ufo session

UFO stands for Unidentified Floating Object: only the craziest floating boat and the craziest outfits are allowed on the water. Everything is possible: umbrellas, swimming rings, crocodiles, surfboards, wheelbarrows, inflatable boats, etc… you can also go on the cable dressed up, FREE!

All information and registrations through our reception desk.

full moon sessions

Around full moon (when the sky is clear ) we prepare ourselves to go on the water. In the dark and under the moonlight we provide glow sticks so that everyone stays visible. Highly recommended and a very unique experience! Only advanced wakeboarders are allowed, not for beginners!

All information and registrations through our reception desk.

The ideal stepping stone to competition in the wakeboard world. The Rookie Tour is especially for beginning competition riders. The level is determined beforehand and may not be exceeded. The competition is for everyone under 18 and is divided into two categories. Rookie Boys / Girls & Open Men / Woman.

wake for life

A day dedicated to charity. Under the banner of "Music For Life" we are organising a "Wake For Life" with Lakeside Paradise. The concept is very simple: come and play sports and support a good cause at the same time.


We start the summer season with a truly international competition. After two cancelled editions, this time we hope for a more than successful competition. 

The Lakeside Paradise Cold Water Classic is a World Cup competition in Wakeboarding and Wakeskating. After the European or World Championships, this competition is the highest in its category. 

Through this competition we want to attract all the world stars to Lakeside Paradise. But not only that. We also want to give Belgian wakeboarders a chance to show themselves on the international course. 

Everyone is welcome at Lakeside Paradise on 2 & 3 April 2022 for this unique competition. For more info and registration please visit the link below.

features only

On 27 May 2022, the first edition will start.
We start with the Rookie Competition. If you do not yet have a full rucksack of competition experience, this is for you. Both boys and girls may participate in this part of our competition.

Besides the Rookie League we also have a split Pro version. PRO U16 & PRO Open. Ladies and gentlemen. Everyone is welcome at PRO OPEN, if you are younger than 16 you can also participate. At PRO U16 you can only participate until the year you turn 16. 

The format of the day is the same for everyone.
We start each series with a JAM session, but to determine the winner we switch to HEAD to HEAD. 

We will start at 16h with the Rookie Competition and we will only start from 18h with the PRO categories or when the Rookie's are finished.