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Plastic Soup Surfer once again a guest on Surfers Paradise

Merijn Tinga (51) from Leiden Netherlands, is again a guest on Surfers Paradise,
and not just like that.
In 2014, he launched there with a windsurfboard crafted from nothing
other than plastic rubbish. His journey across the sea then took him as far as Ameland,
one of the Wadden Islands that our northern neighbours have.
Now he is putting all his sails up, as it were, as he fired off on 17 June
in Oslo, Norway, to arrive in London on 19 July and be received there
to be adopted by UK North Sea and Environment Ministers, in order to facilitate the levying of
Deposits on plastic packaging in the UK in the spotlight
posting. His surfboard slightly more seaworthy this time, but still with a
number of plastic bottles built into the nose in front.
Merijn: " I remember being very well received 9 years ago at
Surfers Paradise and that Frank Vanleenhove, also a well-known windsurfer from the
first days, gave me advice and assistance to make my trip a success
bring. Much needed because anything can happen along the way: first and foremost
do you have the weather conditions as I depend entirely on the wind,
but you also have the shipping lanes, ports, crossings... and you don't want to
That it goes wrong because I do everything without any guidance. On my board
I attached a waterproof bag with all the necessary provisions,
and on the way, at night, I put myself under my sail next to my board on the
beach to sleep, to sail on early in the morning. This is
Meanwhile, my 26th day at sea and I was only too happy when I arrived around the
island of Walcheren from Westkapelle was sailing and Belgium with Surfers
Paradise came into view. And yes: the first one I encountered on the water
was Frank himself ! And notwithstanding I try to progress 100 km a day
I was glad to be warmly welcomed again today after 75km at
Surfers Paradise. It was difficult to sail against the tight westerly wind,
from tomorrow they predict less wind, and so every day is different. From
From here I sail further along the coast towards France to then make the crossing
to England. From there up the Thames towards London, my final destination
after perhaps 33 days of sailing. I especially remember the long days in the
beginning of my trip along the coasts of Norway, Denmark...with the
sunrise at 4am and sunset at midnight, which makes me
allowed very long days on the water. Which I will now enjoy
here is a Belgian 0% Stella, and a lovely hot shower in the
facilities of Surfers Paradise. And tomorrow perhaps another day along
The Belgian coast"

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