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The success of a cable park always lies in the presence of obstacles, or modules.

They are used by advanced wakeboarders and water skiers to perform all kinds of tricks and rotations on them. All obstacles are moved at certain times of the year to change the experience. If two or more modules are close to or against each other, this is called a hack.

winter set-up 2020

large kicker left and right

Large kicker left and right

The cable park starts with a “kicker” on both sides. These are the basis of every cable park and are used to jump and fly through the air. With our kickers you first come to a soft corner after which it quickly becomes steeper in order to be sent into the air.

table long

table long

The “Table” or also “box” is wide and long and therefore popular as a first introduction to an obstacle. You can try new tricks on it and it is ideal to try your first “press” on.

Rail Long

rail long

The “Rail” is the step after you have the “Table” under control. It is a bit higher and longer and therefore a bit more difficult. She also has more options for the advanced rider. You can jump on it in front or along the side, called “ollie”. So you suddenly have three different lines that you can make.

Pipe Short

Pipe Short

The Pipe, is the perfect stepping stone after you get along well with the rail and the table. A little more balance is required to slide over the entire obstacle. It offers more variation in the “press” (nose or tail). You can also jump on it more safely from the side due to its round shape. It gives the riders a safe experience, especially if you want to take your tricks to the next level!



The obstacle consists of an AFrame box with a wide “table” on the side. This opens up a whole host of “trick” options. Beginners can take the first steps on the wide table and the more advanced riders can use the “transfer” to add a new dimension to the obstacle on the lake.



The handrail is our most technical obstacle. This narrow round rail of 15 meters long makes the stability on the obstacle a lot more challenging. This rail can only be taken by an ollie-on and is very popular with advanced riders.



This is the best of the best of the Unit Parktech Signature Series. The obstacle consists of a pool that you jump into and then come back down a number of stairs or “hand rails”. There are only a handful of them in the world and we have one of them. Our Poolgap is exclusively finished with a long handrail with round tube on the right side and a low to high end ledge with a small rounded corner on the left.

homemade uprail

Homemade uprail

This module was the second one that was made second by our own crew. This uprail with sloping sides offers endless possibilities. Due to the short up piece it is necessary to jump on the obstacle. Both the experienced and the starting rider taking obstacles can lose his energy here. In combination with other obstacles you can make very cool “hacks” with this uprail.

Rooftop Funbox

Rooftop funbox

The obstacle consists of an AFrame box with a wide “table” on the side. This opens up a whole host of “trick” options. Beginners can take the first steps on the wide table and the more advanced riders can use the “transfer” to add a new dimension to the obstacle on the lake. The narrow handrail on the wide “table” can be removed.

Andy kolb

Andy kolb

This obstacle combination consists out of three parts. The first part is a low thin rail where starting wakeboarders can easily jump on. The second part consists of an uprail. This piece is ideal to learn how to jump on an obstacle and get better and better at it. The third and middle part is a flat surface and holds the first two parts together. It can also be used as a wide box.



This pyramid with a flat roof can be turned without any problem. It has one steep side and three easier sides. You cannot compare this to a Kicker. Because of the short and aggressive side you will be catapulted into the air. This ensures that a pro rider has a thousand and one tricks that he can do. Jumping over the obstacle is quite a challenge for a less experienced wakeboarder.

Homemade kicker

homemade kicker

The first obstacle we made ourselves! It is slightly less steep and tall than our other kickers. Therefore the ideal obstacle to learn a new kicker “trick”. It is easy to move and usually lies with another obstacle to give it a new dimension.

Ollie Barrier

ollie barrier

A fun and small obstacle to jump on and over. This looks very simple, but certainly cannot be underestimated. It is often placed after a kicker to jump over.

xl transitions wall / rail

xl transition wall / rail

A unique obstacle where you can easily reach a lot of height and then land on the “wall”. In combination with the high round rail at the top, the variations of new tricks are endless. For the creative rider, this obstacle is a true playground.

Transition curb

transition curb

This obstacle is somewhat like an uprail and kicker pushed together. You are supposed to jump onto the obstacle, slide through, and perform a trick while exiting. The banana-like slide gives you the impression of jumping out of a skate ramp.