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Member number 10,000 at Surfers and Lakeside Paradise !

Surfers and Lakeside Paradise welcome member number 10,000 !

This weekend, Elias Verschaffelt (16) from Antwerp received the membership number 10,000 from Surfers and Lakeside Paradise. 
Surfers Paradise started in 1988 with 160 members and grew steadily to over 1,000 members. From the start of Lakeside Paradise in 2012, many more joined as only one membership fee is paid to be a member of both clubs. As a member, you therefore enjoy numerous benefits at both locations and belong to one big watersports family where in any type of weather or wind you can always get going at sea or on the Duinenwatermeer. 
Your membership number is always retained and so now the number 10,000 was reached. 

Frank Vanleenhove: "We pause to consider this number because it means that we have been able to pass on our passion to 10,000 water sports enthusiasts over the years. Everyone is welcome and of course not all visitors become members, but we strive to convince regular visitors that, if you come a few times, you will more than earn back the annual membership fee of only €100 through all the benefits on offer. Not everyone stays a member year after year either, but in recent years we have had around 1,500 regular members each time, and that's still a big family. In addition to water sports enthusiasts of all kinds, there are also beach volleyball players, cyclists and people who become members simply out of sympathy".

A happy Elias Verchaffelt: "my aunt lives in Knokke-Heist, my parents are also quite sporty and from childhood they regularly took me to the sea. That combination ensured that from the age of 10 I became a regular at the weekly KIDS SESSIONS at Lakeside Paradise. I progressed very quickly, really liked it too, and when I got older I attended a wakeboard camp there too.  
Now that I'm 16, I can come to Knokke-Heist even more and therefore wakeboard a lot more, so we decided to become members. After all, as a member you pay a lot less and have all the other advantages on top of that. So on top of that, I was really surprised when I received my membership card with the number 10,000 on it. I was then invited to Surfers Paradise and received a Lakeside Poncho and a gift voucher for free kite lessons. An extra nice surprise of course which I will definitely make use of, as my mum can also kitesurf."