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Tomorrow Team

wakeboard team


Training takes place every Saturday after the Easter holidays.
Each time in two groups.
9h - 11h // 11h - 13h


Year after year, we do better than we dare to dream. Our ambitions are therefore at the top of national and international events. 


Our 5-man coaching team consists of experienced wakeboarders as well as established names in the wakeboarding world. But the best coaches are the wakeboarders themselves. Pushing each other to higher levels.



  • Being able to start on the cable car independently
  • own a shelf
  • participation in the Belgian Championship and the Lakeside Paradise matches
  • good attitude, eager to learn
  • commit to always be present at minimum 65% of training sessions

the LAKESIDE PARADISE competition team

This part of the Tomorrow Team consists of the best riders of each category. It is the ambition of these wakeboarders to be the best at their age. The will to improve, good effort and the desire to compete are central here. Together with the coaches they search for perfection both technically and tactically. With different objectives we stimulate the riders to give the best of themselves.

20 Official Team Training Courses

Members of the Tomorrow Team must participate in at least 15 of the 20 training sessions.

- There will be no tardiness in training sessions.
- A warning will be given once! Afterwards, it is still possible to participate after a warm-up lap, i.e. walking around the lake.
- If you are late a second time, you may be denied access to the cable car.


Membership in the team costs 200 euros.

This includes coaching during team training sessions and 35 euros for the competition licence. The training sessions themselves cost 15 euro per session. This can be redeemed with a Season or Year Pass, or a Team Training Card (150 euros for 11 sessions).
Your membership must also be in order before you can join the Team.



No training without GET FIT TO SKI.

Getting into the water without warming up is never a good idea. That is why we work with "Get Fit To Ski" or in our case "TO WAKE" during training. 
After the warm-up, we also work individually with the programme. This is not so much by way of fitness, but mainly by way of trampoline. 
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