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Surfers Paradise programme 2023

As the days grow longer and the new season draws nearer, all preparations at Surfers Paradise are also gearing up to start the summer full of enthusiasm.
All members recently received the 2023 programme in the bus along with a unique photo calendar, and judging by the bookings for water sports camps, it will be another summer to savour.

On Sunday, March 26, the annual "ENECO BEACH CLEAN UP" kicks off and everyone is expected in the afternoon to make the strip of beach between Surfers Paradise and the Zwin estuary litter-free.
Frank Vanleenhove: " in 2020, we were the first club to organise a beach clean up. I had picked up the idea during a tour in Australia where local clubs gather their members every Sunday morning to clean up the beach. The only thing I had to adjust was the starting time, because no one was inclined to start working on the beach at 8 a.m....In the following years, the Federation took over, all the clubs joined in and it became a national, even international event and the whole thing became very professional. So now everyone is provided with a grabber, rubbish bag, gloves, vest...obviously a very positive evolution that opens everyone's eyes. Moreover, the perfect family outing walk on dunes and beach"

From 1 April then, start of the Easter holidays, the doors will be open daily until mid-October.
Every day there is rescue service and anyone can go for surfing, kite, windsurfing, sup, wing, foil and efoil lessons.
Through the rental centre, all equipment as well as wetsuits can be hired, and accommodation is available to all visitors.
With the Easter holidays, the first camps also start: 2 weeks from Monday to Friday there is a wake-skate-surf camp, combination between Surfers and Lakeside Paradise.

The annual Easter Plunge traditionally takes place on the first Sunday of the Easter holidays: on Sunday 2 April, all polar bears are expected at 11am for the fresh Easter Plunge. Participation is free and everyone is welcome.
The following week, 9 April, it is time for the Easter brunch and Easter grab, in the presence of the Easter Bunny, for children aged 2-10. The grab starts at 10 am and there will be 20-minute shifts each time with a golden egg to be found that entitles the whole family to a surfing lesson. After the grab, everyone can join the delicious Easter brunch at 12 noon.
Sunday 30 April is dedicated to water sports day, with free introductory lessons in surfing, supping and powerkiting.
On Monday, May 1, there will be a free introductory class "Yoga on the beach" from 10.30-11.30am.
Sunday 4 June from 2-6pm is reserved for children aged 5-12. They will get free surf lessons, and there will also be crafts, children's show and four-hour snack.
The G-Watersports Day on 21 June welcomes all persons with disabilities for a free watersports day.
Ladies beware because on Sunday 25 June, there will be the annual Ladies Day: a free sports day for ladies with healthy brunch combined with surf and surf lessons, dance and yoga.
On Friday 7 July, SURFER JOE visits Knokke-Heist as part of his European tour: unadulterated authentic surf tunes on the beach from 5.30pm, free entrance!
Sunday 13 August is all about beach volleyball as the annual 2 against 2 tournament will take place.
The following day Monday 14 August is Surfers Paradise's annual birthday party (36!) with food trucks and a fun Hawaiian beach party.
Friday, August 18: the annual "never give up" day
And finally September 16, the annual World Cleanup Day.

Ongoing activities.
Of course, there are also ongoing activities such as the weekly internal and external O'Neill water sports camps for all youngsters aged 8-18, each from Monday to Friday, or a mini internal camp for -12-year-olds during weekends.
During July and August, there is also crossfit on the beach, and sunrise yoga every Sunday from 10.30-11.30am.
In flat sea, there are sup trips to Cadzand while downwinders kiting and foiling are also organised when winds are favourable.
Through IK SUP IK SURF IK KITE or the "Sport after School" promotions, everyone can regularly sign up for group lessons and concessionary rates.

Club members
Becoming a member of Surfers Paradise costs 100€ annually and you will also be a member of Lakeside Paradise. Both associations offer worldwide watersports insurance and membership to the respective recognised federations, in addition to a complete service on and off the water. Moreover, as a member, you can sign up to a whatsapp group that is notified in case of good wave and/or wind conditions.
As a member, you get a membership package including club T-shirt and membership card and enjoy many benefits and discounts of all kinds on water sports activities, rentals, camps and lessons, food and drinks.
Through the partnership with Chill Out, Icarus and Sportoase, all members are offered discounts there too on presentation of a valid membership card.

Group activities
All groups, companies, schools and associations are welcome at Surfers Paradise for a day, afternoon or evening of sporting fun in and out of the water. Apart from water sports activities, there are also possibilities for bicycle tours, djembé, and a whole range of beach games. Sporty communions, birthday and bachelor parties are also possible.

All info and registration details can be found at
Info via , on 050/615960 or, of course, on site.
You can also follow Surfers Paradise on instagram or facebook.