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World first at Lakeside Paradise!

Lakeside Paradise continues to invest to remain among the 10 best cable cars in the world.

Last week, new obstacles were delivered from Germany, including one world first: a transition rail "the wall called. This is a unique and exclusively for Lakeside Paradise constructed Unit obstacle of no less than 18 metres long, with a rail on top and a sloping side along it which gives the wakeboarder the feeling of surfing a real wave. To let the novice wakeboarders enjoy themselves, there are now 2 small kickers next to the two existing XL kickers. The younger wakeboarders can use these without any problems, and the more advanced ones can practice their tricks on these before going on to the "higher" level.

The third obstacle is the "bump", a kind of pyramid that you can approach from the four sides, while each side has a different angle of attack.

The fourth obstacle is a step-up handrail, familiar from the skateboard world. The step-up rail consists of a thin tube that starts low and gradually rises to a height of 1 metre.

Frank Vanleenhove: "With these obstacles the cable park now offers even more fun for all wakeboarders in every straight line of the 720 m long course. Both advanced and more novice wakeboarders can now choose an obstacle that suits their level. We've waited with this especially to give an extra boost to the winter period. It's the second year in a row that we are open every weekend and holiday and we already notice that wakeboarders from all over Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Great Britain come to Knokke-Heist during those days because we are practically the only place where they can practice their favourite sport during the winter months. In this way, we also do our bit to attract visitors to our seaside resort in winter. We also give the local - growing - group of wakeboarders some exclusivity to train on the new obstacles during this period outside the busier season months. They can join us for 30€ (members 20€) while the course is open from 13-16h. Once they are properly wrapped up in a winter wetsuit, gloves and neoprene socks and cap, the cold temperatures of the air and water will not bother them. You can do it even cheaper with a year's subscription or a winter pass, because with those you can go as far as you like. Afterwards, they can warm up in the hotspring jacuzzi, under the shower or on our heated terrace. It is fantastic to see how enthusiastic everyone is about the fact that we are not resting on our laurels but continue to invest in the sport in order to remain at the top and to do our job as well as possible.