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Onewheeling on Surfers Paradise

10 years ago, Surfers Paradise commissioned the first Onewheel. Meanwhile, this high-tech marvel from California firmly established itself in the boardsports family, nestling this branch between skateboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding and surfing.

The new generation of Onewheels beats everyone with amazement: more powerful, faster acceleration, longer range, and all kinds of customisable applications.

An Onewheel is an electrically powered board with a wide tyre in the middle, similar to this of a Kart. The user stands like on a skateboard with their feet in front of and behind the central wheel.

Beneath the non-slip layer are sensors that respond to the pressure of both feet. Pressure on the front foot means going forward, pressure on the back foot means braking. For cornering, alternate toe pressure with holding pressure. The central tyre with deep grooves allows riding of any terrain, from hard over gravel and gravel to hard sand and grass. The engine is so powerful that uphill riding is also a possibility. Also revolutionary is the connection to your smartphone that allows you not only to read the battery charge but also to manage all the settings and impose maxima anywhere. There is a front and rear light, stop light and a sound signal with automatic brake when the maximum speed is reached or the battery runs out.

The Onewheel can drive &in both directions, then the lights adjust, and to stop you lift the heel of your front foot after which it gently brakes, reverses slightly after which the back stays on the ground for the user to easily dismount. The maximum speed is 30km/h while you can easily cover about 50 km with it. Depending on the type, you can get an Onewheel from as little as 2000€.

Surfers Paradise rents at 40€ for 30 minutes and 60€ for a one-hour ride. Members pay €30 and €50 respectively. Wearing a helmet is compulsory.

Highly recommended to anyone who wants to try it out !