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Successful "Daddy is cool" session at Lakeside Paradise

Every year, Lakeside Paradise organises a wakeboard morning on fathers' day where exceptionally than only fathers are welcome with their offspring.
Once again this year with a full house and nothing but happy faces, which can also be seen from the comments: " the ideal time to celebrate this day with my sons";

Dad Olivier Delplanque: "the perfect time for our son's first step/introduction to the world of water sports. More familiar because dad is there"  

Daddy Günther Depauw: "Daddy's Cool is an event you and your kids look forward to every year.
The best mates are on shore, but now you as a dad can experience how big each obstacle is or how fast the cable really turns. The fact that 3 cables are now available is an added bonus, so you can have a wonderful day together at any level.
Sailing a dime or kneeboarding together, watching the kids laugh because dad falls at the start or being a dad as proud as a peacock that your first lap is a fact. You experience everything.
Meanwhile, Daddy's Cool has become a fixed date in our diaries to meet up with friends and celebrate Father's Day together by first exercising and then having a nice chat with a bite to eat to finish. We take the stiff muscles the day after with a smile..."


Pictured free of use: Günther Depauw during a blissful father-son moment at the Daddy is Cool session


Next appointment : Daddy is cool 2025 on June 8, reserve your seat early !