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"Unidentified Floating Objects"

The UFO or rather "Unidentified Floating Objects" Session at Lakeside Paradise was again laugh, scream & roar.
Anything goes and anything goes. There is only one golden rule: not dressed up = not on the water.

Last weekend, the members of Lakeside Paradise were able to have fun on their beloved cable car. Only this time it was slightly different from usual.
Everyone could take to the water for free according to their own creativity, provided they were dressed up or took to the water with an object other than their wakeboard or water skis. Some made laps on their bellies, others tried two on one wakeboard and there was even someone who tried to take off with the tub of a wheelbarrow.
You name it, enthusiastic water sports enthusiasts tried to make laps on the cable car with their new craft.

If that is not enough, Lakeside Paradise is hosting their annual club championship "King & Queen of The Lake" next weekend.
There, club members compete for the biggest trophy.
All members can still register until Friday afternoon 21/10. The competition itself is scheduled for Saturday 22/10. The finals will be on view from 2pm. Everyone is welcome to support!
Lakeside Paradise is still open every day until the end of the autumn holidays.
After autumn holidays, every weekend and every holiday.