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Rooms & Rates

  • The hostel provides overnight stays from €20 with the possibility of breakfast, half- and full-board.
  • A room is privatised for your group as soon as half of its capacity is booked. The extra beds are not charged and you only pay for the reserved beds. 
Room with 12 beds 20 € / bed / night
Room with 8 beds 25 € / bed / night
Room with 4 beds 35 € / bed / night
Tiki breakfast - à la carte more info
Breakfast buffet for Sport Hostel groups (from 20 pers.) € 15
Lunch and/or dinner - (from 20 pers.) on request
Restaurant Lakeside Paradise à la carte (up to 20 pers.) more info

By making a reservation, you tacitly agree to our house rules!

IMPORTANT: Please download & read the house rules below.

Identity card and credit card

Guests are required to present a valid photo ID and a credit card (or pay a deposit) at the check-in. A copy of this will be taken on arrival. Without a valid credit card or deposit, you cannot stay overnight with us! Already paid nights will not be refunded! 

Cancellation policy

  • Up to 28 days before date: free of charge
  • Up to 14 days before date: 30 % total
  • Up to 3 days before date: 55 % total
  • Up to 2 days before date: 80 % total
  • Cancellation/change or no-show from 1 day prior to arrival: 100 % total amount

sport hostel policy ( < 18 years )

Young people <18 years old cannot stay overnight in our hostel without parental supervision. 
Please note that guests under 18 years old must be accompanied by at least one parent/guardian and cannot share dormitories with other guests. The entire room must be rented privately and a mother/father/legal guardian must sleep in the same room during the entire stay.