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Renewed Pallen Lakeside Paradise Triathlon 2019

On Friday 26 July Sportizon, in cooperation with Lakeside Paradise and the municipality of Knokke-Heist, is organising the sixth edition of the Pallen Lakeside Paradise team triathlon. This triathlon is also known as the most sociable of all triathlons because it is a team event where taking part is much more important than winning, and because the aim is to offer families, friends, neighbours, sports clubs, companies ... a super-fun event in a unique setting.
This year, extra work is being done on this and a new aspect is being added: the Wedevelop SPRINT triathlon for individual participants, who still want to go for the performance and make it a real competition. The start of this sprint triathlon is scheduled before the start of the team triathlon.

That way the road is wide open for the competition animals among us and for the recreational trios to make it a real family party together with the children, husband, wife, colleagues! To motivate members of sports clubs and companies there is not only a separate ranking for the sports club or company with the most teams but Lakeside Paradise also offers a unique free team building activity! In addition there is a separate ranking for young people and families. As far as the sprint triathlon is concerned there are the age categories - 25, -35, -45, -55, -65, -75 in order to give all groups a fair place amongst peers.

The Triathlon itself consists of 500 m swimming in the Duinenwater Lake, 20 km mountain biking in the beautiful surroundings and 5 km running around the Duinenwater Lake.
The first team member swims 500 m in the Duinenwatermeer, the second one cycles 20 km through the beautiful surrounding fields on a mountain bike, and team member number 3 runs 4 laps around the Duinenwatermeer, making a total of 5 km. The individual participants will, of course, take care of each part.
All participants can be encouraged closely by supporters and their own team members as there are as many as 8 passages along the public area.

Afterwards there is the "all you an eat" BBQ, a live performance and DJ.
Pre-registration is essential via

Afterwards, every participant receives a commemorative medal and a delicious BBQ.
Additional persons for the BBQ can be registered via

You will join us, won't you?