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New water sport anno 2020: the E-FOIL!

Those who thought that no new water sports would emerge this summer because of the corona virus are wrong, because already at the end of last year the first E-Foilboard was presented for testing at Surfers Paradise. After years of testing, the producers hope to surprise the world this summer.

This brand new water craft consists of a surfboard with a 70 cm long foil at the bottom - a kind of aircraft fin as used on surf, kite and windsurf boards - with a screw mounted on it. The board contains a battery that is connected to the propeller via the fin. Depending on body weight, wind strength and desired speed, the battery lasts about 90 minutes. Speeds can be reached up to 45 km per hour.

When you stand or lie on the board, you have a remote control in your hand. With this, you can control the speed via bluetooth. When the board gets up to speed, the foil gives you an upward thrust, as it were, and the board thus comes loose from the water. Meanwhile, the user stands on the board and floats silently above the water, like on a flying carpet!

Snowboarding on water

Frank Vanleenhove could already try out the E-Foil: "This is the newest evolution in the E-field, but on the water of course. Last year the wing came on the market, so you could foil when there was wind, this gives new possibilities for days without wind... We already have electric skateboards, onewheels, surfboards, Stand Up peddleboards, and also electric fins for surfboards, but this is different. It's like snowboarding on the water.

Due to the fact that there is little resistance, you have a long battery life, and you experience a kind of weightlessness, whereby the whole thing is very manoeuvrable. This is in contrast to all similar predecessors, where you sometimes only had fun for 20 minutes. After 2 hours, your battery is fully charged again".

Safety first!

"Safety first: first of all, there is protection around the propeller so that you cannot come into contact with it. Then a full wetsuit, an impact vest and a helmet are also a must. You can fall into the water at a reasonable speed, from higher than normal. As soon as you release the safety button on the remote control, the propeller stops. You can only restart it once you are safely back on the board. Both the board and the remote control are connected to your leg and arm by an elastic leash.

The best conditions are a relatively flat sea, without much wind or swell. E-foiling is best done out of the surf and breakwaters, and not in the vicinity of other water sports. It is therefore an ideal complement to sports where a lot of wind is a prerequisite. Of course, lakes and canals are also ideal playgrounds, provided that permission is granted. "

Learning packages and rental

"It is, of course, our intention to offer E-Foiling at Surfers Paradise as soon as we are allowed to do watersports again.

This is to give everyone the opportunity to get a taste of this new sport. Watersportsmen who already have foil experience will be gone after a few attempts. If this is not the case, we offer a learning package, which consists of a first foil introduction on the 2.0 cable at Lakeside Paradise. After an hour of foiling under the guidance of the cable operator, you will go back and forth without much trouble and get the hang of it. After that, the step up to the sea is much easier. Compare it to someone who wants to learn to ski and first gets an initiation on a covered artificial slope, he will gain a lot of time when he is actually on the slats in the mountains."

Jet ski guidance

"The first lesson at sea we offer maximum safety through the guidance of an instructor who sails along on the jet ski. If the sea is too rough, the lesson can be held on the Duinenwater lake next to the cable car, but only at times when no other water sports people are present.

E-Foiling will also amaze spectators this summer, as the first sight is futuristic, and it is already a new challenge for all water lovers and curious people who want to try out new technologies".

E-Foiling at Surfers Paradise or Lakeside Paradise will be possible after reservation and of course subject to compliance with corona measures and exit strategy.