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New ! Padel and water sports camps !

New camps for Easter holidays 2024: combination of padel and water sports!

Those who want to be sure of a sporty, healthy, action-packed and fun Easter holiday soon can already register for this new Sports Camp from 1 November.
Both Surfers Paradise and Lakeside Paradise are offering a padel and water sports camp during the two-week long Easter holidays each time.

Those registering at Surfers Paradise will play padel at the Zoute Padel and Tennis Club from Monday to Friday from 9.30am-12pm each time. Before moving to nearby Surfers Paradise for lunch.
From 14-17h, everyone will be immersed in the world of different water sports, depending on weather and wind. At the front of the list and in case of waves, wave surfing is of course on top of the programme. If this does not apply, Surfers Paradise offers so much more than that, so everyone is sure to get their money's worth.
No experience is required, all equipment is provided and expert guidance is available.
Own bike is needed for movement between the 2 locations.
If you are between 10 and 16 years old then this is for you, so signing up is the message! Participation costs €375.00. Members pay €350.00. You can register from 1 November via www.paradise-webshop.beWould you rather wakeboard on Lake Duinenwater in the afternoon? Then join the racket, wake and skate camp at Lakeside Paradise in collaboration with Tennis and Padel Club Duinbergen!

Also choice between the two weeks during the Easter holidays every weekday From 9-12h paddling at TCD, lunch on site and then a short trip to Lakeside Paradise where you can enjoy a great wakeboarding afternoon from 14-17h.
Experience is not required, all materials will be provided and expert guidance is also available.
The advantage here is that the Skate Rink at the Verzet can also be used.

Own bike is needed for movement between the 2 locations.
Age between 10-14.
Entry fee €400.00. Members of Lakeside Paradise or TCD pay €375.00.
Also register via