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Lakeside Paradise Tomorrow team performs European, national and local!

Lakeside Paradise Tomorrow team performs European, national and local!

As the wakeboarding season draws to a close, it is traditional to turn the many hours of training into results.

At the beginning of October there were already the Belgian Championships with fantastic results, last week there was the European 2-star competition at The Spin Cableparc at Barrage de L'eau D'Heure.

This is the annual international final, a competition which this year saw a remarkable number of participants from Norway, in addition to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgians and a ten-man delegation from Lakeside Paradise.

And they did score! Louis Eggerickx registered again as a junior in the category "open men" and became the convincing winner. Ike Vanleenhove could climb the highest step in the U14 category, and also became second wakeskater U18 !

No big deal, because first place was taken by Elian Coosemans, also Belgian champion U14. Thus, the team won three gold medals again, plus a few more podium places.

This weekend at Lakeside Paradise it was time for the apotheosis of the year: the King & Queen of the Lake! It's incredible to see how the level has risen in recent years and that many team members really belong to the Belgian and European top.

Of course, there was also a lot of interest from supporters and oldies under a sun-drenched Duinenwater lake. Everyone enjoyed themselves to the full and put their best foot forward.

It was - how different - Louis Eggerickx who was crowned King, while five-time Belgian Champion Pauline Appelmans was crowned Queen of the Lake.

Striking is that Louis Eggerickx landed a trick that no one in Belgium has successfully performed yet: a "toe ide back side 10/80" in technical jargon, or 3 full rotations performed from the kicker, in front of a cheering crowd.

The course was rearranged especially for this occasion and everything will remain in place throughout the winter so that everyone can prepare for what will become the biggest competition ever held on Belgian soil: the Lakeside Paradise Cold water Classic on 2 & 3 April 2022. After a 2 year delay, the world's top 100 wakeboarding events will take place there. Make a note of it because this will be a top notch spectacle with worldwide television coverage. Third time lucky ?