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Lakeside Paradise is looking for Volleyball players!

Surfers Paradise organised the finals of the Belgian beach volleyball championships for 10 years. Because the beach was bursting at that time, and with the disappearance of the parking lot of the old Swimming Pool, the event was first moved to in front of the Casino, then to Meerlaan, while it still takes place at Heldenplein in Heist.

Because at that time many surfers turned to volleyball at surfless times, it was decided in 1993, after the beach volleyball season, to start an indoor volleyball team. The matches are always played on Monday evenings. Home matches at 8 pm in the Stormmeeuw, away matches near Bruges at 9 pm. The competition runs from September to March.

A few years ago, the team got older and merged with Matuvu, which also had a shortage of players. From then on they competed in third series under the name "Lakeside Paradise volley team". At the moment this team still consists of 7 core players, which is too few to complete a season so we are looking for new players who have some understanding of indoor volleyball and who want to experience a fun and sporty Monday evening in the winter. Candidates can mail to Participation is completely free of charge and equipment and travel will be provided.