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Lakeside Paradise opens the first ecological skating rink in the Benelux.

On Saturday 16 November Lakeside Paradise opens the first ecological skating rink in the Benelux. In addition there are also 2 ditto curling rinks.

The material used for skating consists of durable and recycled synthetic material that requires virtually no maintenance and offers a constant gliding factor of 98% compared to real ice. So neither water nor electricity is needed, nor does the outside temperature matter. So you are always skating on a smooth dry white surface.

The aim is to offer everyone the pleasure of skating and curling during all winter weekends and holidays, up to and including the carnival holidays. The opening hours are from 11am to 7pm. Everything is located on the terrace of Lakeside Paradise with a unique view of the Duinenwater Lake. Parking is available in front of the door.

A skating session lasts 2 hours and costs €5 per session per person. An ice hockey session costs 10 € and is from 15-17h. It is also possible to rent the whole rink for 125 €. The skating rink is 8 x 15 metres and offers the possibility of playing ice hockey with small goals. All equipment is provided and included in the price. Ideal for groups and associations to plan an ice hockey tournament.

The curling lanes are 10m long, offer 3 game options and can be rented per hour for the price of 20 €. Here, too, all equipment is available.

To make everything even more cosy in winter, Lakeside Paradise offers, among other things, a genuine cheese fondue, Assiette Savoyarde and Kaiserschmarren (the crispy fried typical Austrian pancake).

Opening with decorative ice skates and ice hockey.  

Since this is the first winter skating pleasure in the entire Benelux on such a rink (soon also Bruges, De Haan, Wenduine and Oostkamp), there will be a festive opening on Saturday, 16 November at 2 p.m. with a demonstration by Liselotte Robeyns and the Yeti Bears, to which everyone is welcome.

Liselotte Robyns is 12 years old and one of the biggest promises of Belgian figure skating.

At the age of five, she was already hooked on skating and is currently training for the Belgian championships. Skating is a real passion for her, she stands on the ice every day and comes to prove that she can also hold her own on artificial ice.

In addition, the Yeti Bears from Eeklo will play an ice hockey match that will also show how much fun it is to play 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 matches on such a rink, and thus improve your skating and hockey technique considerably.

Last weekend all members of Surfers and Lakeside Paradise were able to try out for free. The surf rats and the Wakeboarding Tomorrow team played an ice hockey tournament. From next weekend onwards everyone is welcome, own skates are allowed, gloves are recommended. Regarding the ice hockey event, helmets are also provided and a mouthpiece is recommended, these can be purchased on the spot at the price of 1€.

Free skating: 11-13h, 13-15h, ice hockey 15-17h, 17-19h. There is a 10-minute break between each turn.

Curling is started and finished by the hour.

Everyone is welcome to the opening, Saturday 16 November 14h.