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King & queen of the lake 2023

The latest feat of the Lakeside Paradise wakeboard season is over
This weekend, all locals and team members stepped up to choose their annual King and Queen in the various categories.
Whoever won got to go on stage with the crown and cape. Needless to say, it was a great spectacle: there were six Belgian champions present, while the chosen competition formula proved to be very appealing to all, and also to the many spectators.
Indeed, participants were allowed 9 minutes in each category to enter the water to give their best. In the event of a fall, everyone could therefore quickly swim to shore and restart from the starting pontoon.

What was special was that Lakeside Paradise's crew put a number of obstacles side by side for the occasion to form one whole, resulting in phenomenal transitions. A successful move apparently, because afterwards it was decided to leave this "hack" in place all winter.
Already on Sunday, this was busy being applied for by wakeboarders from all over the country, and questions were coming in from all neighbouring countries, social media apparently did its job. After this part, there was the flat trick combo, best air trick and best line so that everyone was tired but happy to enjoy the ambiance of the prize-giving ceremony, followed by a delicious BBQ.