Current water temperature: - °-

Ice-cold but successful wake for life at Lakeside Paradise

Diving into cold water at temperatures of barely 7 degrees? Sunday, a number of warm-blooded people did it for a good cause. They collected money for the therapeutic day centre Het Vlot.

Sports in, on or next to the water does not deter the many members of water sports club Lakeside Paradise. At noon on Sunday, the temperature of the water of Decloedt Well was 'barely' 7 degrees. Nevertheless, after a warming up by Charona's Dancecrew, ten daring people dared to dive into the lake. "By committing to this action as part of the Warmest Week, we are supporting a good cause in our own municipality. Moreover, we are making sports and our unique location more accessible," says manager Frank Vanleenhove. "Many small contributions and efforts can move mountains."

Additional tablets

The proceeds will go to the therapeutic day centre Het Vlot under the East Coast Centre. "This year, we have seventeen children with motor, mental or multiple disabilities divided into three living groups. Like many other centres, we want our children to work with the computer in a learning-oriented way. The past four years we only had one tablet that we had to distribute among the three groups," explains head of department Kathleen Meulemeester. "With the proceeds, we hope to be able to make a tablet available for each group. If there is any extra budget left, we can consider buying applications."

In the afternoon, some children from the centre came together with their parents. The colleagues also ventured onto the ice for a team-building curling session.
Last year, the campaign raised 1,450 euros. Whether that amount will be equalled or broken yesterday as hoped will be announced later.