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High attendance at Lakeside Paradise!

The news about the opening of the new Rookie cableway and the fact that there are now three cableways on Duinenwater Lake is going around the world in the wakeboard scene.

This week, none other than world wakeskating champion Maxime Giry (FR) showed up to try out "his" Maxime Giry Funbox and to make a film of it that will go around the world. As the three tracks were fully booked for the whole day, filming took place early in the morning from sunrise, and at sunset in the evening. Fortunately, it was a beautiful week without wind, which will make it all the more beautiful on the images that will travel around the world and will be used for promotional purposes.

Also on hand were David Vervenne (B) and Konni Lehndorff (D) from Unit Parktech Europe, Adam Summerfield and Jeremy Gauvin from Luiquid Force, California


Unit Parktech is the company that makes obstacles for cable parks worldwide, of which there are already 20 at Lakeside Paradise.

Together with the world champion, they worked for two years on his signature obstacle, which he now came to try out for the very first time and capture on film and photo.

Luiquid Force is the brand that makes boards and wakeboarding accessories, based in the United States. They sponsor the world champion.


Maxime Gery is 20 years old, French nationality and he has been wakeskating for 10 years. His record is impressive: as a member of the French national team, he not only won the "trick of the year" contest, he was also elected "rider of the year" and became national, European and world champion.


Let's give him a few words: "Of course I am very happy to be here and to try out my obstacle for the first time. It was especially exciting because despite all the work that went into it, you never know whether it will turn out the way you hoped it would in practice. My first rides confirm my hopes: my funbox can be used by everyone, beginners and youngsters from the age of 8 will enjoy it, as will the pros who will discover numerous variations on it. I hope many more cable parks will buy it because all riders will enjoy it, this one here at Lakeside Paradise is only the second one.

For the rest, I'm totally overwhelmed by what I'm experiencing here: for many years, I've been touring the world from one cable park to another, but Lakeside Paradise really has it all: 3 fantastic courses that make wakeboarding accessible to everyone, super friendly people, sleeping on site and great food. Also during my visit to Knokke-Heist itself I could not believe my eyes. You have to experience this to believe it, what a place, really the place to be!

On the photo: "High visitors" from left to right Maxime Giry, Adam Summerfield, Natalie Camerlynck, Frank Vanleenhove, Konni Lehndorff, Quincy Lambert, David Vervenne, Jeremy Gauvin.


On the photo "recordings": Maxime Gery on "his" funbox during the shoot. Nice to see the morning moon above and, if you look closely, his wakeskate floating along to land a little further back.