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Funding call for second cable car: The Rookie!

Dear members

As you may already have heard, in April we will start building our second cable, called "Rookie Cable". 520m long, 6 carriers, right hand turns and mainly rotating at a lower speed which will be especially appreciated by younger children, families, beginners... While there are of course also hours for the advanced skiers who want to try out and refine their tricks on a right hand turn.
Of course we hope you appreciate this initiative in these times, this Rookie Cable will be an absolute asset to Lakeside Paradise and will also improve the flow on the "Pro" Cable considerably.

Of course, this once again has a serious price tag attached to it and we once again dare to ask for the cooperation of our members, who then become "godfather or godmother" of the track.

Here are the possibilities if you want to and are able to support us financially

Sport bligations round 2
To help finance it all, we would like to use our "sports navigation" system again, but in a simplified form.

Simply deposit a minimum of €1000 into our account:
BE 1300 1665 2029 39, stating "Rookie job sports bligations + name
"We will then transfer the amount paid to your bar account so that your money can be used for everything you spend at Lakeside Paradise.

Your bar bill will continue year after year, so this is in fact an advance payment on what you will be spending with us in the future on sports and catering.

What we do ask is to email us in advance at that you are happy to participate, with the correct name of godfather/ godmother so that we can use it correctly.

Companies - invoice
If you have a company with a VAT number and would like to support this initiative, we can also issue an invoice. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to with all the necessary details and we will contact you to go over the arrangements together.

Win-win loan
If you would like to support us in a more comprehensive way, you can do so via the WIN-WIN loan, which is currently very advantageous for both parties.

Apart from the fact that your savings yield more in this way, the personal tax advantages over the entire term of the loan are not insignificant, with, in addition, an extended state guarantee because of COVID19.
Full details of this win-win loan can be found at
Winwinlening | Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen (

Interested? Send us an e-mail at and together we finalise the fully legal agreement.

If all goes well, we can all enjoy our new ROOKIE Cable from mid-June onwards, and we will certainly provide a "special" for and with all the godfathers and godmothers!