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Lakeside paradise features only

Brand new competition at Lakeside Paradise. Features only! A wakeboard competition for everyone, advanced or just starting out in the competition world. It's mainly about having fun on the water. 

The second edition will start on 19 May 2023.
We start with the Rookie Competition. If you do not yet have a full rucksack of competition experience, this is for you. Both boys and girls may participate in this part of our competition.

Besides the Rookie League we also have a split Pro version. PRO U16 & PRO Open. Ladies and gentlemen. Everyone is welcome at PRO OPEN, if you are younger than 16 you can also participate. At PRO U16 you can only participate until the year you turn 16. 

The format of the day is the same for everyone.
We start each series with a JAM session, but to determine the winner we switch to HEAD to HEAD. 

We will start at 16h with the Rookie Competition and we will only start from 18h with the PRO categories or when the Rookie's are finished. 

JAM Session

All participants are divided into different heats. There are 3-6 participants in each heat. You ride for x-number of minutes through the cable park and do your best tricks on the different objectives. There will be 4 objectives. 
The best wakeboarder per target gets 1 point, the second 2 points, etc. 

Depending on the number of participants in each category, the best or two best wakeboarder(s) advance to the head to head.  

head to head

Head to head. For those who do not know it. This is a system that works with direct elimination.
Two wakeboarders face each other and whoever performs best over the set objectives advances to the next head to head.
So we continue until we finally have the winner. Before we pit the best two of that day against each other, there is of course the small final to complete our podium. 


At 16h we will start with the Rookie's. The rookie race will last until 18h. At 6 pm the Pro categories start. It is not possible to compete in both Pro and Rookie.