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Congratulations to the municipal services and beach visitors!

Sunday saw the annual ENECO beach clean up along the Belgian coast and thus also at Surfers Paradise.

At Surfers Paradise, the beach and dunes will be taken care of up to the Zwin channel, a strip of 2 km.

Apart from the main location this year - Zeebrugge with 1600 cullers - Surfers Paradise attracted the most volunteers: 156, and together they collected...just under 70kg of waste!!!

Mostly small plastic, but if you know that the catch in previous years was about 300 kg each time, we can speak of a peak season for abandoned waste.

No less important, however, as it is mainly the small organic material that quickly disappears under the sand or into the sea.

A big thank you to all beach visitors who left the beach and the dunes relatively clean this summer and especially to the municipal services who probably played a very important role in this and regularly collected all the waste.

Frank Vanleenhove: "It was already the 22nd time for us.e beach clean up as we were the first to start this after my visit to Australia in 1999, where they do it every Sunday. And believe me: we have experienced other years where we brought massive beer cans, bottles, pick nick remnants from the dunes. This year, it was a real scavenger hunt to find something. It is a bit ironic, but when people came back with a barely filled rubbish bag, we can speak of a success. Hopefully this trend will continue in the coming years and perhaps the puddles etc. can also be tackled."

This year, surf clubs in the Netherlands also took part, with a total of 3133 volunteers collecting a total of 1957 kg of waste. The best was Zeebrugge with 608 kg.