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From 19/04/2021 we are once again organising school sports days! We have not been idle during the winter and we have prepared everything for you. Don't hesitate to contact us via to put together a fantastic water sports day together and give the kids a great experience!
We would like to let you know that both Surfers Paradise and Lakeside Paradise can organise school sports days in a completely coronaproof manner according to the applicable rules. After all, Corona cannot swim, we have enough space to guarantee social distance and the government stimulates plenty of outdoor sports!
The only limitation might be the size of the group and the travel time, where public transport is not allowed. But we are perfectly capable of welcoming smaller groups (class by class?) and giving your pupils an unforgettable water sports day, something that can count in these times and, above all, something that can give everyone a lift.
Please contact us for further arrangements.
We hope to see you and your pupils on the beach or at the Duinenwater Lake,
You can also find more information via this link:
Sporting greetings from Lakeside Paradise crew