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Watersports camps under the Christmas tree!

A watersports camp at Surfers of Lakeside Paradise under the Christmas tree? It's possible from now on, because the registrations are open!
Camps are already available during the Easter holidays and the months of July and August. If you are a water rat or want to become one, don't wait too long as places are limited.
Via the webshop All camps can be booked, and of course there are plenty of other gift options too... There are the 500 numbered replicas of the Surfers Paradise Keith Haring Logo, the jumpers, hoodies, t-shirts and of course the beautiful gift voucher. The latter can be redeemed for wakeboarding, kiteboarding, surfing lessons, sports equipment rental and you name it.

Boarding and outdoor water sports camps at Lakeside Paradise. (10-16 years)

Easter holidays: weekly Circus-, skate- and wakecamp.
Wakeboarding is the main focus of this camp, but because of the water temperature, people also warm up at various skate locations and in case of bad weather, a real circus artist comes to the rescue to teach everyone the craziest tricks: unicycling, juggling, barrel racing...

July/August: weekly Wake & Lake camp and Wake Skate & Windsurf camp
During a Wake & Lake Camp, wakeboarding is of course on the programme, together with supping, kayaking and kayak polo. The other possibility is wakeboarding, skating on several locations and then windsurfing lessons. New for this summer is "Cast away" where everyone has to try to cross the Duinenwater lake on a raft of their own making.

"Make your own camp
Finally, a boarding school week camp with 4 overnight stays. Would you like to stay in the Sleep Inn youth hostel with only familiar faces around you? Then make up a group of 8 to 12 friends and enjoy an unforgettable week. Have breakfast on the sunny terrace with a view of the Duinenwater Lake, then get out on the water, take a lunch break with your feet in the sand, and get back on the water. In the evening, enjoy a delicious BBQ and then a great evening activity, perhaps wakeboarding until sunset. A qualified instructor is on standby 24/24 to make sure everything goes smoothly. Participants arriving by train from any Belgian station to Knokke-Heist can enjoy a discount code via happy trip.

Boarding and training camps at Surfers Paradise (7-16 years)

Easter Holidays: New !!! weekly Surf, skate & Wakecamp: wakeboarding at Lakeside Paradise in the morning and after lunch skating or surfing, depending on weather and wind.
July/AugustWeekly surfcamps, windsurfcamps and Kite- & Wakecamps.

  • Kite- & wakecampsA unique week where participants learn how to kitesurf in windy conditions and go wakeboarding at Lakeside Paradise in less windy conditions.
  • WindsurfcampsThe experienced windsurfing instructors teach the more advanced windsurfers how to sail at sea, which is a great experience, with professional equipment and our own rescue service.
  • O'Neill surf campsThe first surfcamps along the Belgian coast, a fixed value for more than 25 years. Youngsters from 7 years old can learn to surf, and get to know all the other sports Surfers Paradise has to offer: rafting, Supzilla, boogieboarding, onewheeling, electric skates, carvers, sea kayaks, skimboards, beach volleyball, extremely varied and unforgettable week.
    Make your own surfcamp: A whole week of boarding with 10 friends, surfing and sporting together from sunrise to sunset.

For all camps, no experience is required and that all water sports equipment is provided. Lunch and sports insurance is always included. The camps are recognised by WSV and WWSV and are run by qualified instructors. An in-house rescue service also ensures the safety of all participants. The requirement is that all participants must be able to swim.
At Surfers Paradise, small groups are formed according to age and ability.