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Vic Droogmans and Ike Vanleenhove of Lakeside Paradise Tomorrow team win the Hyperlite Rookie Tour.

The Hyperlite Rookie Tour is a wakeboarding competition consisting of 5 stages that in the past months visited all cable parks in Flanders.

It is a competition reserved for young people, divided into 4 categories: Boys and Girls U11 and U14.

In total, there were 161 participants.

Vic Droogmans took 5 first places, Ike Vanleenhove scored 3 first places, a second and a third. For both of them good for the final victory.

In the ladies' category, unfortunately no Lakeside Paradise team members, in the boys' category 5 of the 6 podium places.


In the photo U11 fltr.


Lars De Pauw (Lakeside Paradise)

Kayo Dannaut (Lakeside Paradise)

Vic Droogmans (Lakeside Paradise)

Tibe keizer (goodlife)

Photo: U14 from left to right


Robbe De Pauw (Lakeside Paradise)

Coenen Sibbe (Terhills)

Ike Vanleenhove (Lakeside Paradise)

Gilles Debets (Lakeside Paradise)


  1. Nomi Campers (Wake Up Antwerp)
  2. Norah Houwen (The Outsider)
  3. Lowa Van Cutsem (FFSNW)