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Fluvius places powerful plug for AllWaves surf pool in Knokke-Heist

Power company Fluvius has provided a powerful electricity connection for AllWaves' artificial surfing pool at Natiënlaan in Knokke-Heist. There, the 100% Belgian startup will test its unique technology for safe and sustainable surfing baths via a 100 by 100 metre test rig. Two powerful electricity cabins will set the wave technology in motion. The test pool will be completed in the course of the spring, after which the waves will be tested.

10 times more economical waves
Wave pools' are impressive pools with artificial waves for surfers. Today, some players within this globally growing market are already active with so-called 'first generation' technologies. But these consume a lot of energy, do not always provide the best waves, are less easy to control and have a visual impact with constructions above the water that are far removed from the natural experience of surfing.

Therefore AllWaves developed a completely new technological concept in cooperation with Lakeside Paradise (Knokke-Heist), Vydraulics Group (Dadizele), Sioen Industries Group (Ardooie) and with the scientific support of the Coastal Ocean Basin (a consortium of UGent, KULeuven and the Flanders Hydraulics Laboratory) and with financial support from the Flemish government and the Province of West Flanders. 

It provides perfect surf waves that rise out of nowhere, is safer and uses ten times less electricity than existing air pressure systems.

In order to test the proper functioning of this technology in practice, an extraordinary test rig is currently being built. As a surfing municipality with an eye for innovative and sustainable developments, Knokke-Heist has jumped on board. It is making its Natiënlaan terrain available for the test project and is investing 200,000 euros in the project. The 100×100 metre trial installation will allow the technology to be demonstrated to companies, investors and local authorities all over the world.

Twice 1 MVA
The new AllWaves technology is much more economical, but still requires a lot of electrical power to create the ideal artificial waves. Fluvius has already upgraded the entire electricity grid in this area. A few years ago, the Westkapelle Dorp substation, which is fed by the Duinbergen transformer station, was completely renovated and new powerful electricity cables were laid. 

And they now offer sufficient power for the AllWaves test pool in Knokke-Heist.

In mid-January, two new walk-in medium-voltage electricity substations were installed on the site, made by manufacturer Lithobeton, each equipped with a 1 megavolt-ampere transformer. These are now operational. Both cabins can be remotely monitored and controlled from the Fluvius control centre. The grid company also takes care of the management and maintenance of the technical installation.

In Knokke-Heist, innovation and sustainability are high on our radar, and of course we are also the surfing community par excellence', says Mayor Piet De Groote. The innovative and unique project of AllWaves immediately appealed to us. We are particularly pleased that it is already becoming very concrete this spring. Fluvius went looking for the right electrical power and has now also realised the electricity connection. This is an important technical milestone in order to be able to finalise the test set-up soon.

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