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Announcement of quiz winners and answers

Aloha Paradise Quizzers,

The winners of our Surfers Paradise & Lakeside Paradise Quiz are known!

Who will win a BBQ for 2 at Surfers Paradise and a Chicken on the Spit evening for 2 at Lakeside Paradise?



Answers Lakeside Paradise Quiz :

  1. The first wakeboarding at Lakeside Paradise took place in the year 2012.
  2. The maximum depth of the Duinenwater lake is 27 metres.
  3. The cable car route is 720 metres long.
  4. There may be 8 wakeboarders at the same time on the cable.
  5. Our first clubhouse was The Ice Bar !
  6. The first meals came from Lucy Chang.
  7. We have at Lakeside Paradise 21 obstacles in the water.
  8. Our sports hostel has 80 beds.
  9. We annually throw 30 tonnes coccoliths in Lake Duinenwater.
  • Shift question: In 2019, Lakeside Paradise & Surfers Paradise counted 1260 members!

Winner of the Lakeside Paradise Quiz: Tanya Verstraeten. Congratulations!


Answers Surfers Paradise Quiz:

  1. The turret of Surfers Paradise is 9 metres high.
  2. We mention the statue of Antony Gormley, which stands at the head of the eastern breakwater next to Surfers Paradise, Oscar.
  3. The Knokish name for breakwater is a brislam.
  4. The tree in the clubhouse next to the bar was found on the beach at Costa Rica. <3
  5. Our storeroom counts 6 ports.
  6. Surfers Paradise celebrated its 30th anniversary in the year 2017.
  7. The lighthouse we see every day to the north in the sea is the lighthouse of Westkapelle (NL).
  8. Keith Haring made his logo for Surfers Paradise in the year 1989.
  9. The bronze surfer statue that stands at the entrance to Surfers Paradise was given to us by the one and only Jack O'Neill !
  • Shift question: In our wind & wave school we offer 103 wave surfboards in various sizes.

Winner of the Surfers Paradise Quiz : Veronique BeaudoinCongratulations!