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Children <12 years old start best on the Small Cable. The minimum age is 6 to 7 years, provided that they can swim well! They must not be afraid of the water and must be able to swim to shore with their board. This cableway goes back and forth and is ideal for an introduction to the sport and to get the hang of starting out. This cable car can be booked by both children and adults.

The Rookie Cable (clockwise) runs at a slower speed every day. If it is your first time and the Small Cable is not open that day, feel free to book the Rookie Cable. The minimum age is the same as the Small Cable.

The Pro Cable (left-handed) spins at the same constant speed. If you are already advanced, feel free to book hours on this cable car. 

No, we do not have private instructors who can be booked. The cable car operators are sufficiently trained to get beginners started and provide the necessary explanations.
Do you want to learn a trick or overcome an obstacle but you have some doubts? Don't hesitate to ask the cable car operator. They will be happy to help you with all the tips & tricks.

The kids sessions continue every Sunday from 9am-11am. The price is 35€ pp (both members and non-members) for these two hours. The small cable and the rookie cable are made available for the little ones.
This session is for children up to 12 years of age. Reservations cannot be made through the online reservation system, but must be made by mail:

No, a separate reservation must be made for each person wishing to go on the water. These are individual reservations. You can NOT pass the wristband on to someone else halfway through the hour. Wristbands are linked to your strictly personal account.

The price for a child and an adult is the same.
You pay for a seat on the cable car, regardless of whether it is a child or an adult taking part.
The price is the same for each cable car. The rates can be found via the link below:

Money can only be refunded in the event of cancellation on the day itself on presentation of a doctor's note. Without a valid doctor's note, no refund or voucher.

Up to 10 persons, the reservation can only be made online. One account needs to be created per person. As organiser, you can easily add friends/family members under your account and make a reservation for them as well, but as main administrator you will be responsible for all future reservations of the persons under you! You can only ask to remove people from your account by giving the e-mail address of this person. This is not possible the other way round! Once disconnected, a person cannot be placed under someone else again.

Attention: every added account must be filled in correctly!

Groups of 10 people or more can make a reservation by e-mail:

After the creation of the personal account(s), please send us an e-mail with the following details to We will make the reservation for you in the system. This cannot be done online.
Don't forget to give the voucher to the reception desk on the day, otherwise you will have to pay the reservation on the spot!

- Name of account(s) water sportsman(s):
- Date:
- Desired cableway:
- Desired time to start:
- Desired number of hours:
- Number of gift voucher/voucher + amount:

No, this wristband is linked to your account and you can use it again for future reservations via the Wakesys system. We cannot disconnect a wristband from the system again. Therefore we cannot resell it and it is not refundable.
You can use this wristband in all cable parks around the world that work with the Wakesys reservation system.
You do need to create a new account online at the cable park, but they can link the band to your account on site.

No, our advice is to make sure you have enough money in your pre-paid account before making the reservations. The payment process is then faster.

Payment must be made per day/per reservation. The reservations do not end up in a shopping basket and cannot be paid for in one go.

A multi-membership card is a member benefit. Once the account has been created and the membership has been purchased, you can purchase an additional card. The card is valid for 1 year from the purchase date. At the end of the year the card is inactive until the membership is renewed.


If you have made the reservation well in advance, we ask you to cancel the reservation and make it again, this time with material. If you cancel, the money will be placed in your account so that you can make the adjusted reservation.

If this is a last-minute reservation, the material can be purchased/added on the spot on the same day. To do this, you must first come to reception. You will not receive any material in the rental if it has not been allocated to the reservation.

All reservations can be cancelled by yourself at any time. You can do this in your personal account by cancelling the booking.
Up to 24h before date/time, the pennies will be placed back into your prepaid account and you can use the money again for a future reservation.

In case of late cancellation (<24h before start time), you lose the money, but can still cancel the reservation online itself.

Cable car bookings will be made at all times. Only in the event of a severe storm, lightning or thunder will the cableway be cancelled for safety reasons. In this case, we will keep track of how many minutes of the session you were unable to spend on the water. This will be refunded to your prepaid account in percentages. You can then use this money for future bookings. No cash will be returned or refunded.

The sessions will continue in rainy weather. You will get wet in the water anyway 😉 .

Valuables (such as mobile phone, wallet, keys) can be left safely and free of charge at reception. All clothing/pockets/shoes can be left in a grey bin in the rental equipment area. The bins are numbered so that you can quickly find your bin. 

We are not responsible for theft or loss of items where the bins are located.