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Small Cable 2.0

Easy and for everybody

Learn how to wakeboard

With our small cable (also called 2.0), learning how to wakeboard, waterski or kneeboard is really child's play. Find out all about it on this page.

Learn how to Foil

No wind, no problem!
Foiling on the 2.0 at Lakeside Paradise gives you the feeling of floating over the water.

opening hours

From mid-May '21
every weekend: 12 noon - 5 pm

July and August
every day: 12 noon-6pm

The ideal first introduction

Anyone can learn how to wakeboard or waterski. Our 1 on 1 approach at the small cable gives you sort of a private lesson. Through this method, the instructor can also provide immediate and precise feedback. When the hour is finished, you can ask the instructor whether or not you are ready for the big cable park.

The big difference between the cable parks is the start. On the small cable, the start is slow and the instructor chooses the pace. On the full-size cable park, you start at a constant cable speed. So keep in mind that this will not happen automatically, but one hour 2.0 will make a world of difference.

foiling, Time for a new challenge

Ever seen someone floating over water? That was probably on a "foil". Foiling is done on a surfboard with a long fin underneath. Because of this long fin, the board comes out of the water and gives you the floating effect. Foiling is an ideal new challenge for those who want to try something new.

If you have a good control of your foil, you can expand to the beach and foil with a kite.