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Belgian Nationals



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Local contact

On Saturday there is a BBQ.
Do you want to join? Send to Dries.
050 60 60 35 


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Dear riders & spectators

The 2020 Belgian Championship is now really near. In 4 days it will be so far!

School-age participants can have a certificate of absence You can ask for a certificate at WSV or FFSNW. All necessary information for this certificate or the payment details for the competition can be found at the bottom of this mail.

The Belgian Championship takes place in a period of Covid19. For that reason there will of course be some extra measures The most important thing is to make sure that everything runs safely and smoothly.

First of all, we ask everyone at our event to show good citizenship and respect the measures.

  • When you walk around the site of Lakeside Paradise, it is mandatory to wear a mouth mask.
  • Keep always 1.5 metres away among other bubbles.
  • When sitting at a table or in a lounge, a mouth mask is not compulsory.
  • There will be several supporter zones. We are fortunate that the match can be watched everywhere around our cable. So make use of these locations.

Our PRO Shop will always be open during the match with great discounts and brilliant promotions.

By now every die-hard wakeboarder knows that Lakeside Paradise doesn't stop during the winter months either. Our winter passes are also available during the BK weekend. Those who purchase a winter pass before 1 November 2020 will benefit from a discount!!! 159 Euros instead of 199! The winter pass can be used every weekend and every holiday day from the first weekend after the autumn break 2020 until the Easter break 2021.

Finally, below is an overview of the diagram that we will use during the Belgian Championship.

Friday = official training for all riders + start of race

You do not need to make a reservation for this training. When the payment is done, you just have to sign in at our reception desk. You will receive a bracelet that allows you to go on the cable car. training starts at 9:00 and stops at 16:15.
At 16:30 it is the Official Rider Meeting. For anyone who cannot attend, we will film it and put it online. You will also be able to follow the meeting online and live.

At 17h we start with the match. The start will be according to the following schedule.

  • Veterans Men +40
  • Masters Men +30
  • Open Men

Saturday = race

At 8 a.m., the match will start.
We use the following schedule:

  • Mini Girls
  • Mini Boys
  • Girls
  • Boys
  • Junior Men
  • Open Ladies (Junior Ladies and Open Ladies will race together, but we will organise a separate stage for both categories).
  • Wakeskate Mini Boys
  • Wakeskate Boys
  • Wakeskate Junior Men
  • Wakeskate Open Men

There are several qualifiers for different categories.

After all the qualifications, we will do our best to organise as many LCQs as possible. We will communicate this asap on the day of the competition. Keep an eye on everything and listen to the announcers to get the latest info.

During the event, the kitchen of Lakeside Paradise on Saturday 3 October will exceptionally be closed from 17:00. Bad weather is predicted and we will need all the space inside for the BBQ.

Anyone can register for the BBQ, but reservation is a must!
Registrations close on Wednesday evening 30/09/2020.

BBQ The original (meat) / BBQ veggie

Price+12 years: €20 p.p. // Kids -12j pay €15 p.p.

During the BBQ there are tables for bubbles for a maximum of 10 people.
You can register for the BBQ by sending an e-mail to

Application at WSV

If you need a certificate for school next Friday for the BK, send an e-mail to with

  • name of the school
  • address of the school
  • mail address of the management or person in charge of the absences
  • direction + class
  • name of the pupil
  • mail address of a parent who may be included in the copy of the mailing

Please do this as soon as possible so that we can still do this in time. We notice that only a few people have applied for their certificate and want to let you know that we cannot arrange it if everyone waits until the last day to apply for their certificate.

Info for paying the match

For one category it is 50 euro, for the additional category it is 15 euro on top.

Digital payment (NAME RIDER + BELGIAN NATIONALS 2020)
BE13 0016 6520 2939 (Lakeside Paradise)

Info en Francais

Dear riders and spectators

The Championnat de Belgique 2020 est vraiment à nos portes maintenant!

Scholars can ask for an certificate of absence auprès du WSV ou de la FFSNW. Toutes les informations nécessaires pour ce certificat ou les détails de paiement pour le concours se trouvent en bas de cet e-mail.

Le Championnat de Belgique se déroule dans une période de Covid19. Pour cette raison, un certain nombre de mesures supplémentaires seront évidemmentment prises pour garantir que tout se passe en toute sécurité et sans heurts.

First of all, we are asking everyone at our event to show good sense and respect the measures.

  • Lorsque vous promenez sur le site de Lakeside Paradise, Il est obligatory de porter un mask buccal.
  • Gardez toujours 1,5 mètres de distance entre vous et les autres bulles.
  • Lorsque vous prenez place à une table ou dans un lounge, le masque buccal n'est pas obligatoire.
  • Différentes zones pour les supporters seront prévues autour du lac. Use these zones.

Notre PRO Shop sera toujours ouvert pendant la compétition avec des remises exceptionnelles et des promotions intéressantes.

Tout le monde sait que Lakeside Paradise ne ferme pas pendant les mois d'hiver. Nos forfaits d'hiver sont également disponibles pendant le week-end BK. Les personnes qui achètent ONE PASS HOUR before 1 November 2020 will benefit from a reduction! 159 euros instead of 199 euros! Le pass hiver peut être utilisé tous les week-ends et toutes les vacances a partir du premier week-end après les vacances d'automne 2020 jusqu'aux vacances de Pâques 2021.

You can find it here an aperçu du programme que nous utiliserons lors du Championnat de Belgique.

Vendredi = official entry for all riders + start of the competition

There is no need to make a reservation for this moment. Lorsque le paiement est fait, il suffit de vous présenter à notre reception. You will receive a bracelet that allows you to go on the water. The moment d'entrainment commence at 9h00 et se termine à 16h15.
A 16h30,  le meeting officiel des riders est prévu.

For all those who cannot be present, we will film and publish this online. Vous pourrez également suivre la réunion en ligne et en direct.

A 17h00 , nous commençons avec the competition. Il commencera selon le calendrier ci-dessous :

  • Veterans Men +40
  • Masters Men +30
  • Open Men

Samedi = concours

The competition starts at 08h00.
We use the following calendar:

  • Mini Girls
  • Mini Boys
  • Girls
  • Boys
  • Junior Men
  • Open Ladies (Junior Ladies and Open Ladies will be joined together, but we will organise a separate stage for both categories).
  • Wakeskate Mini Boys
  • Wakeskate Boys
  • Wakeskate Junior Men
  • Wakeskate Open Men

There will be several heats of qualification for different categories.

After all the qualifications, we will do our best to organise the best possible number of LCQs. Le jour du concours, nous vous en informerons dès que possible.

Please pay close attention to the advertisers in order to receive the latest information.

During the event, the cuisine du Lakeside Paradise will exceptionally be closed on Saturday 3 October from 18h00 onwards. Bad time is expected and we will need all the space in the house for the barbecue.

Tout le monde peut s'inscrire au BBQ, mais une réservation est obligatoire.
Entries will be closed on Wednesday 30/09/2020.

BBQ L'original (viande) / végétarien BBQ

Price: +12 ans: 20 € pp // Les enfants de -12 ans paient 15 € pp

Pendant le barbecue, il y a des tables pour les bulles de max 10 personnes.

Info for payment for the competition. 

Pour une categorie c'est 50 euro. Quand tu participes dans deux categories c'est 15 en plus.

Payment digital (NAME RIDER + BELGIAN NATIONALS 2020)
BE13 0016 6520 2939 (Lakeside Paradise)

Bulletin info

Registration details

The competition is registered as a part of the World Rankings.
Riders must have IWWF license from their National federations. Riders register via IWWF website on the competition home page.
Local Registration at Lakeside Paradise during official training hours.

Riders must register before Wednesday 16/09.

Online registration for competition shirt at the end of the page.

Disciplines & Categories

Wakeboard Men & Women: U11, U15, U19, Open, Masters Men, Veterans Men
Wakeskate: U15, U19, Open

Equipment storage

There will be a locked container at Lakeside Paradise, where you can store your board and equipment overnight. No liability will be accepted by the event organizers for any damage or loss of property.

Entery fee

50€ per rider and category. Entry fee for second discipline is 15€.

Entery fee includes 1 BBQ dinner at Saturday and a competition shirt.


Monday 28 September                           *Open Cable, 17h00 - 19h00 
Thursday 29 September                         *Open Cable, 17h00 - 19h00 
Wednesday 30 September                     *Open Cable, 13h00 - 19h00 
Thursday 1 October                                 *Open Cable, 17h00 - 19h00
Friday 2 October                                       Official Training (only registered riders)
Start of the first Qualifications (only when there are too many riders to do all qualifications on Saturday).
Saturday 3 October                                  Competition day 1
Sunday 4 October                                     Competition day 2 - Finals - Stages

Riders training times may be adjusted based on the number of present riders. Riders trainings are reserved for registered riders only and are provided free of charge. Final schedule will be provided one week before competition.
There will be no boat pick up during the riders trainings.

*Open Cable: If you want to ride during Open Cable hours, reservation is necessary. 

Accommodation options

Lakeside Paradise SPORT Hostel: 
Possibility to sleep at site, 4p, 8p or 12p sleeping rooms
25 euro / night
Free WiFi available at Lakeside Paradise

Camping site 10 minutes walking distance from the cable park

Hotel Prinsenhof                                          
Hotel 15 minutes walking distance from the cable park

Ibis Hotel:                                                            
A budget hotel 15 minutes by bike from the cable park




The competition will only take place if the government gives green light to organize the Belgian Nationals 2020.
Join the competition on Facebook, follow Lakeside Paradise on Instagram to make sure you don't miss information.