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Cocolate time at Lakeside Paradise

For the fourth year in a row, Lakeside Paradise, in cooperation with the municipal authorities, is spreading 32 tonnes of coke across the entire surface of Lake Duinenwater. A daring feat, but coke appears to be the effective remedy against the formation of algae, is completely biological and harmless to humans and animals. The quantity is packed in ... Read more

Registration water sports camps 2019 open!

From now on all water rats can register again for a summer water sports camp at Surfers of Lakeside Paradise! This year again all youngsters between 8 and 18 years old can join us for a super week during the Easter holidays or in July and August. Experience is absolutely no requirement, all the top material is available and expert and ... Read more

Successful first ice dive and wake for life at Lakeside Paradise.

The first ice dive in the Duinenwater lake, with a water temperature of 6 degrees Celsius, tasted like more according to all those present, and will certainly be a permanent fixture on the 2019 Lakeside Paradise calendar. The inclement weather of the last few weeks and a freezing cold Saturday may have been a bit of a spoilsport, but that didn't stop the 20 participants from ... Read more

World first at Lakeside Paradise!

Lakeside Paradise continues to invest in order to remain among the 10 best cable cars in the world. Last week new obstacles were delivered from Germany including a world first: a transition rail called "the wall". This is a unique and exclusively for Lakeside Paradise manufactured unit obstacle of no less than 18 metres long with a rail on top. Read more

Belgian Wakeboarding and Wakeskating Championships 2018

Press Release BK Wakeboard & Wakeskate @The Spin Cablepark, Charleroi This year the Belgian Championships wakeboarding and wakeskating cable were organised in Charleroi at "The Spin" Cablepark. Lakeside Paradise left for Wallonia with great ambition. The intention was to bring home as many medals as possible. In total the Lakeside Paradise Tomorrow Team ... Read more

10.000 !! hours for Lakeside Paradise

At Lakeside Paradise, the counter does not stand still: this weekend, the counter of the cable car reached the historic milestone of 10,000 hours of operation. A very nice figure if you know that this has been achieved in 6 years, since the start in 2012. This means an average of 1,666 hours per year. To achieve this ... Read more