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An unforgettable day with the class

Sports day

Lakeside Paradise is the place to be for your pupils to have a unforgettable school sports day to deliver.

We have all the necessary accommodation: Clubhouse with bar, terrace, toilets, lounge and cloakroom with hot showers.

All sports equipment is available for wakeboarding, water skiing, kneeboarding, SUP, kayaking and mountain biking.
All accessories such as surfing suit, life jacket and helmet are always included.

Qualified and enthusiastic instructors!


Sea class

If the interests extend beyond a school sports day, there may even be a multi-day programme be organised!

At Lakeside Paradise we have provided everything to make the sea class unique. A kitchen where we can provide breakfast, lunch and dinner, a youth hostel with 80 beds, separate toilets and showers, a games room, a quiz room, a study room and a cinema.

Furthermore, all the equipment needed for sports is available. Each sea class is tailor-made and can also be adapted on request.

A school sports day at Lakeside Paradise consists of two parts.

  • On one half of the lake called the "wakeside" with the cable car, water skiing, kneeboarding and wakeboarding are practised.
  • How the second part is filled in can be discussed beforehand with the person in charge at Lakeside Paradise. This can consist of a "Splash" a combination activity of SUP, Kayak and SUPzilla. It is also possible to combine this with a mountain bike ride through the forests and dunes of Knokke-Heist.
  • Due to weather conditions, it is possible that some last minute adjustments are made to the organisation of the sports day.

Wakeboarding, Waterskiing & Kneeboarding

When the cable car turns, the heart of Lakeside Paradise beats.
Our main activity and the showpiece of our club can not and should not be missing from any sports day.
Beforehand, there is always a thorough explanation of how we work on the cableway, because safety must come first. After the explanation everyone always starts with Kneeboarding and then we move on to Waterskiing. When you have mastered these two sports you can start with Wakeboarding.

Mountain Bike

It doesn't always have to be on the water, of course. You can also opt for a recreational trip through the beautiful municipality of Knokke-Heist. From farm roads between the dunes and the forest, we head towards the Dutch border to the "Haas" in the Zwin. During the trip, you can choose to stop at Surfers Paradise. After this short break, we get back on our bikes and head for Lakeside Paradise. Depending on the planned time and pace of the group, we will either return along the dyke or test our racing legs again.


A "Splash" consists of several activities such as SUP (stand-up-paddleboarding), Kayaking & SUPzilla. This part of the sports day always goes through the so called 'lakeside' part of our lake. During the activity, everyone gets an initiation of the different sports to become an accomplished water sportsman at the end of the day. Depending on the time, two or three of the above mentioned sports are done. This formula of activities is ideal for groups of younger age. Everything is explained in a playful manner.


As we want to ensure quality and safety, we go up to about 80 pupils, using a rotation system. This of course depends on your wishes and above all on the current weather conditions. Bad weather and rain are not really a problem in most cases, as the pupils will be entering the water in wetsuits anyway.


All our instructors have received specific training in guiding all water sports people on and around the water. In addition, the instructors follow an annual course in rescue techniques and first aid. To make sure that everyone can be helped perfectly and correctly, the staff at the cable car speaks three languages: French, English & Dutch.


From Lakeside Paradise it is easy to move to our beach club Surfers Paradise where all beach and sea sports can be practised (wave surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing, sea kayaking, rafting, beach games, volleyball). In case of force majeure, the swimming pool sport oasis can be used.


Sporting clothes (adapted to possible Belgian weather conditions), towel, sun cream, bathing and/or beach clothes, sturdy footwear and a connecting swimwear! In case of force majeure, the sports oasis swimming pool may be used, in which case connecting swimwear is mandatory.

Public transportation

Lakeside Paradise is located at 500m from Knokke train and tram station. You can thus walk to Lakeside Paradise from the station via the Knokkestraat. A route description can be found on the page location. The route is signposted "Lakeside Paradise". If necessary our "Paradise Shuttle" can pick up all heavy luggage at the station.

application form sports day / sea classes

Cancellation conditions

As soon as an advance payment invoice is drawn up or the advance payment has been paid, there will always be a cancellation fee associated with the reservation to the total amount of the advance payment. This regardless of the date on which the cancellation of the reservation is communicated to the club. A cancellation must always be notified in writing. In the event of force majeure*, Lakeside Paradise may use the deposit for a new reservation at a later date. *Force majeure: A shortcoming cannot be imputed to the debtor if it is not due to his debtnor under the law, legal act or generally accepted views is for his account. For example: Public transport strike, extreme weather, attack